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Several weeks ago, a client who was experiencing burnout, decided to take a week off from his demanding job in corporate law. The plan was to relax. Do things like reading, watching box sets. Over the two weeks the client went to the gym 6 times, took French lessons, met with friends at bars and […]

6 Worry Quotes to inspire and empower you.

Worrying is a common burden shared by us all and can become one of our most destructive habits. Here we share 6 of our favourite  worry quotes from the ages about worry and what to do about it         “Rule number one is, don’t sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, […]

On Depression and Suicide

On Depression and Suicide. “To decide whether life is worth living is to answer the fundamental question of philosophy,” Albert Camus famously wrote — a statement that has only grown in significance half a century since. But outside of philosophy, in daily life, when the will to live or die plays out in the individual, it creates […]

Self Esteem Vs Self Compassion

The pursuit of self esteem is perhaps one of the biggest movements of the last 50 years. From teachers to parents and popular culture, we have been taught that feeling good about yourself is a high priority. A huge self help industry has been built around the benefits of increasing self esteem. The self esteem […]

The 6 Best Strategies to Manage Anxiety

We all experience some degree of anxiety in our lives. Life is full of anxiety provoking challenges that we have to face. In fact, anxiety is normal and adaptive as it helps us prepare for danger. Therefore, the goal is to learn to manage anxiety, not eliminate it. The fight or flight syndrome is useful when […]

10 Quotes to Boost your Self-Esteem!

Perhaps one of the most essential ingredients to positive mental wellbeing is having high self-esteem combined with a healthy dose of self-compassion. Hopefully these inspiring and thought provoking quotes from the last 2000 years will give you the boost you need to go out there and be the best version of you!       […]