As Psychologists, It‘s not About Us, it’s About You becoming the best version of yourself

iRise psychology is a London based provider of psychology and therapeutic services. The team of private psychologists have over ten years of high performing, evidence based psychological experience.

Our head office is in Liverpool Street in the city, and we have offices in Soho in London’s West End and South Woodford. We also offer a telephone and Skype therapy service. This is particularly useful for those with travel or mobility issues. With this combination, we are able to offer a safe, secure and confidential service with highly qualified professional therapists. We are committed to providing you with the best service we can. We work hard to ensure that we are able to meet your needs in the most convenient and flexible way possible.

All members of the team abide by strict ethical standards. To ensure this our psychologists’ are all HPC and BPS registered. Therapy is tailored according to our clients’ needs. The appropriate approach is discussed in advance in collaboration with the psychologist and our clients. We would like you to be empowered in this process, with a clear understanding of your therapy and progress as you develop. All assessments and treatments are supervised and coordinated by our clinical director and leads, consultant psychiatrist, legal counsel and operations management. Please take a look around the site to find out more about us!

Some nice things said about us, which is nice

“Thanks for the help with my tube phobia! I now use the underground and get home much earlier”


“I sought treatment for travel phobia after my car accident. I was given homework and tasks to do and it really gave me courage to start driving again”


I came to iRise Psychology as I need help coping with stress. Techniques I was taught such as mindfulness were incredible. I was naivly expecting a magical quick fix, but found it was more about empowering myself, and being shown how to react differently and to keep practicing what I had learnt”