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5 Easy Mindfulness practices you can do Today

The modern world tends to live in the future. And when you’re not in the future (trying to get noticed or running after something) you’re relieving your past.You are always trying too hard to get noticed. If you are always frustrated by your hectic life schedule, maybe you need to schedule a few internal meetings? These […]

5 great Ted Talks about Depression

TED conferences have been presenting “Ideas Worth Spreading” for some 30 years now, but the online video revolution has boosted their cultural impact enormously. We find them an invaluable resource here at iRise Psychology and wanted to share with you five of our top ted talks about depression and mental health related issues. Zindel Segal […]


By Dr Benjamin Piper Over the last bank holiday, with nothing much to do, I embarked on a box set journey by settling down to watch a US series called ‘Girls’. It was one of those where you feel bereft when you reach the end of the available episodes! The characters developed beautifully in a […]

The Psychology of Generation Y

Generation Y (todays 18 to 30 year olds) that lazy, skinny jeaned, floppy haired, entitled, disengaged, whiny species you hate is probably the most psychologically sound generation. What are you doing right now? Is it something you love? Millions of people this very second are doing exactly what makes them happy. I bet you are […]